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What is Fallfest?


It's time to celebrate the crisp air and changing of the leaves. Fall brings with it the end of Summer, but the start of so much more! 

From football and back to school, It's about Medfield Day, Octoberfest, Halloween, The World Series and Thanksgiving. It's a time to wear comfy clothes, rake the yaad, it's time for apple picking and carving big orange pumpkins. It's about enjoying family, friends and Autumn in New England!


In making FALL FEST something special

Noon Hill Grill is happy to present a fall inspired menu that incorporates the flavors of FALL. We'll have comfort food and hearty choices to keep you warm. Enjoy fresh seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, apple, corn and cranberry.


So break out your Red Sox and Pats Gear, grab a cold one, snag a hot pretzel and get ready for a season long celebration.

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